7 Hidden Ways to Make Your Weight Room More Effective

November 8, 2017

There are many ways your weight lifting facility can impact an athlete's workout. When designing a weight room, there’s more to consider than the weight lifting equipment if you want to make the space as efficient as possible. Discover six hidden ways to make your weight room as effective as possible and boost your athletes’ workouts.

Weight Room Design | Lighting

Lighting is one of the first things to consider when you’re planning your weight room layout. The lighting of a gym can make or break a workout and alter how athletes feel through the process. Follow these two primary rules for planning the lighting in your facility for the best workout:

  1. Incorporate natural lighting as much as possible throughout the space. Natural lighting can help increase energy for the athletes utilizing the facility.
  2. Opt for recessed lighting. This will make the area seem brighter and leave room for the athletes to move around without the fear of hitting a lighting fixture that is hanging too low.

Weight Room Design | Paint Color

Similar to the way colors within your home make you feel, the same can go for a weight room. When putting together your gym design, it is important to take a moment and think about the different spaces and how you want to make the athletes feel when using them.

For example, in areas that include various strength and conditioning machines, it can be beneficial to incorporate bright and bold colors that can help boost energy and make athletes excited and motivated. As for calmer areas, such as a rehabilitation room or nutrition station, soothing or relaxing colors will be a better fit.

Weight Room Design | Flooring

When it comes to flooring in a weight room design, there are a variety of options to choose from, and each can impact your athletes’ workout. Similar to paint color, different flooring elicits a different response depending on its purpose.

If you’re choosing a flooring that will withstand heavy drops, platforms, rubber mats or tiles would be the best fit due to their safe and durable design. As for areas that will include conditioning equipment that slides, turf will be the best flooring solution.

Weight Room Design | Nutrition Area

If you’re ready to take your strength training facility  design layout to the next level, a nutrition area can do just that. By including a space for athletes to refuel, you’re able to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition they need to train their best and, ultimately, perform better.

A nutrition area in your athletic facility means you don’t have to stop at the basics; you can make this area as elaborate as you want. Many athletic facilities today include a nutrition center for their athletes that include nutritional and dietary programs to ensure athletes are receiving the proper guidance and the nutrition they need to get the most out of their time at the gym.

Weight Room Design | Air Circulation

A stuffy weight room can negatively impact an athlete's performance and is just plain uncomfortable. While athletes are being trained to perform well in non-optimal conditions, safety should always be considered for both the athletes and coaching staff. When it comes to putting together a weight room layout, it is critical to include fans throughout the facility to help the athletes and coaches focus on getting the best workout they can.

There are various types of fans that you can incorporate. From overhead fans to free hanging fans and even air purification fans, the options are endless. Make sure to research all of the options available and the design/layout for your gym prior to picking a specific set.

Weight Room Design | Motivational Factors

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to include motivational features within your weight room design. If you know that a certain team of players will be using this particular facility more than others, including team photos, logos or encouraging phrases throughout the space can be motivating and beneficial for the athletes using the facility.

The options don’t have to stop there; brainstorm things that you believe would inspire your athletes and make sure to include them throughout the facility. This can increase participation, training and performance in the long run. One of our favorites is the PR (personal record) Bell. When an athlete hits a new max weight or high rep, they ring the bell.

Weight Room Design | Ideal Placement of Weight Lifting Equipment

Do you have limited space? Some of our power racks are specifically designed to use space efficiently. They also come with have optional attachments and enhancements that can replace individual machines, saving you space in your facility.

Consider pairing exercises and equipment to minimize walking and rest time during workouts. Place machines in a way that makes sense for the types of workouts that will take place and the rest required between strengthening exercises.

Learn How Power Lift Can Take Your Weight Room From Concept to Completion

Are you ready to design a weight room that will take your athletes’ performance to the next level? If so, our team at Power Lift is here to help you choose the equipment that is right for your program. From concept to completion, we’re here to guide you through the weight room design and installation process to deliver custom, effective weight room equipment for your program. Get started by contacting us today!