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Athlete Nutrition and Creatine Supplementation

November 12, 2018

A pair of great experts in the field of nutrition science, Shawn Arent, Ph.D., and Doug Kalman, Ph.D.-both members of Power Lift's Sport Science Educational Board-tackle two huge questions in the athletic performance arena. Separately, we look at the best time for nutrition in terms of performance and concussions in regards to severity (short-term and long-term) and incidence (concussions don't discriminate by gender or sport). What about other factors for prevention, and how about the recovery process? Creatine could be one such factor, as there is compelling evidence that creatine may have the capability to help minimize the impact of a concussion and perhaps help during the healing and recovery process.

Game-Day Lifting for Baseball Players

November 12, 2018

Game-day lifting had enough buzz around it that I felt it necessary to write an article on the topic. Knowing what I know, my thoughts couldn't be punctuated unless I could get some science behind it. or, at least, scientists. And there aren't many better than Andy Fry, PhD, and David Szymanski, PhD. These two have been around and performed a ton of research on the effects of resistance training, and are able to confidently comment on this topic.

Sport and Health: The Unique Challenge of Elite Sport

June 1, 2018

Sport Science Educational Board member, Shawn Arent. PhD, discusses the nuances of high level competition in his article, Sport and Health: The Unique Challenge of Elite Sport.

Shouldering - The Workload for Baseball

March 15, 2018

How does the shoulder actually work for the overhead athlete, particularly pitchers? This article should make things clear! Written by Bob Alejo - Director of Sports Science | Power Lift

7 Hidden Ways to Make Your Weight Room More Effective

November 8, 2017

Want to design a weight room that will take your athletes' performance to the next level? Learn how with these 7 hidden tips and tricks.

Technology and Sports: Top Tech Trends to Watch

September 7, 2017

Sports technology is constantly evolving. Learn how athletic programs are taking their training to the next level with the help of these tech trends.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Room Equipment Installation

September 5, 2017

Installing weight equipment in your facility can be tricky. We breakdown how to take the your weight room from concept to completion in our FAQ guide.