About Us


Where It All Began

Power Lift got its start back in 1999 by owner and CEO Jeff Conner. Jeff had the vision to manufacture Olympic lifting platforms and strength training equipment for athletic and sports performance facilities. Since that day back in 1999, Power Lift has maintained a steady growth that has always focused on manufacturing the highest quality of strength training and weight equipment you can buy.


Creating Quality Products

One of the key components to our success is the precise engineering process that we follow for high-quality equipment manufacturing. Our innovative weight equipment is designed with the athlete in mind, and we pride ourselves on our ability to outfit athletic facilities based on a team’s unique goals. That’s why teams across the country have chosen us to help them maximize their strength training facilities.

Designed For Success

Power Lift has always concentrated on accommodating the large school market. Our clientele includes a wide variety of high schools, colleges, universities, professional sports teams, and athletic performance facilities. Our weight equipment is popular and sought after not only for its unique design and customizable appearance, but for its affordability and superior warranty that training facilities want and need. And to top it off, our strength training and weight room equipment is made with the toughest materials that can withstand excessive use from coaches and athletes.