Product Support

Power Lift is committed to providing service after the installation. Zach Beekman, Service Director, can assist with inquiries regarding parts, warranty, etc. Please contact Zach and his team at 800-872-1543 or with any questions regarding service or warranty items. 


The following videos and assembly instructions can assist in answering questions regarding our more popular items. 


Half Rack Assembly 17032A

Half Rack Assembly Video 17032A 

Power Rack Assembly 11336B

Combo Rack Assembly 39160A 

Basic Series Half Rack Assembly Video 50002B 

3x3 Power Rack Assembly 12596A 

3x3 Half Rack Assembly Video 17143A

Plate Load

Belt Squat Assembly 71000D

Shoulder Press Assembly 82041B

Chest Press Assembly 81274A

Incline Chest Press Assembly 82212B

Seated Leg Press Assembly 81045

Seated Uni/Bi-Lateral Leg Press Assembly 80745

Uni/Bilateral Leg Press Assembly 41006C

Pulley Units

Adjustable Cable Column Assembly 63556

Combo High-Low Pulley Unit Assembly 63410D

High Pulley w/ Seat Assembly 63442C

Low Pulley w/ Seat Assembly 63446C

Dual Stack Functional Trainer Assembly 63600B


Olympic Flat Bench Assembly 67000A

Preacher Curl Bench Assembly 46600

Remove & Replace Bench Adjustment Linkage Video

Body Weight 

Body Weight Chin/Dip/Leg Raise Assembly 71495A 

Rotating Glute Ham Bench Assembly 29000E

Single Leg Squat Stand Foam Replacement 71427A


Dumbbell Rack Assembly 33037C

How To: 

Replacing Bumper Plastic on Safety Arm

Shaft Cover Removal and Replacement Instructions

Shaft Cover Removal and Replacement Video

Remove & Replace Bench Adjustment Linkage Video

Adjust Seat Height on  Pro Select Chin-Dip Assist Machine

Replace Dip Attachment Santoprene Grip

Cable Routing Instructions

Adjustable Cable Column Cable Routing 63300A

Combo Pulley Cable Routing 63424D

Seated High Pulley Cable Routing 63438B

Seated Low Pulley Cable Routing 63444A 

Dual Stack Functional Trainer Cable Routing 63600B