One of the key components to our success is the precise engineering process that we follow for high quality equipment manufacturing. Our innovative weight equipment is designed with the athlete in mind, and we pride ourselves on our ability to outfit athletic facilities based on a team’s unique goals. 

You'll find our Pro Select line features an incredible 300 lb. weight stack that’s adjustable in 10 lb. increments and comes with a 5 lb. weight add on. These machines utilize a 4-bar linkage strength curve system or biomechanically correct cams, and a metal weight stack shield for added safety.  

For the last two decades, Power Lift has utilized the latest technology to ensure those using the equipment receive the best strength training workout with minimal stress on joints. It’s been our goal to design innovative, custom Pro Plate Load equipment for elite athletes, and that’s exactly what our machines do, build muscle with minimal joint stress. 

Finally, our Cable & Pulley systems offer versatility and functionality for every athlete. Our innovative designs are freestanding,wall mounted, or can be integrated with our rack stations. 

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