Foam Plyometric Boxes

Power Lift's Foam Plyo Boxes are an efficient, lightweight plyo box. Boxes are sold individually or in sets. A slip resistant top ensures that the boxes stay in place during workouts, and eliminates the need for Velcro straps. Handles on both sides of the box make them easy to move around a facility. Custom colors and logos are available for additional charges.

"The plyo boxes do not sink on contact. They are firm and easily stacked for storage. When multiple boxes are stacked they do not slide. The non-skid surfaces have held true after multiple sets and reps." - Coach Melendez at Horizon HS


  • Available in:
  •   Full Set (1x 3", 6", 12", 18", & 24")
  • 3" Box  
  • 6" Box  
  • 12" Box 
  • 18" Box 
  • 24" Box 
  • Boxes measure 36" wide x 30" deep
  • *One Year Conditional Warranty


  • Large base for stability during jumps
  • Slip resistant surface on top and bottom. Reduces the chances of stacked boxes and user from sliding. 
  • High density foam used in base of 24" box to increase stability
  • Custom logos available
Made in the USA

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