Accessory Storage Rack

Part # 48000B

The Power Lift Accessory Rack can store attachments and accessories available from Power Lift with ease. The accessory rack handles hold five bars, and a flat 1/4" UHMW plastic protects the frame from damage from accessory handles. The Accessory Equipment Storage Rack is the perfect pair to our Power Lift machines.

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Accessory Equipment Storage Rack Specifications (h2)

  • Depth: 31 7/8"

  • Height: 42 1/16"

  • Width: 26 1/4"

  • Weight: 100 lbs.

  • Accessory Tray Depth: 24"

  • Accessory Tray Width: 16"


Accessory Equipment Storage Rack Features (h2)

  • Holds 5 large handles

  • Tray for small accessories



  • Storage peg design on front allows user to store various  pulley attachment handles.
  • Shelf top allows for storage of miscellaneous handles, clips, and straps. 


Made in the USA

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