Pro Select Multi-Hip


Power Lift's Multi Hip Machine is an ideal equipment piece for every strength and fitness facility.  The machine features a 300 lb. weight stack with 150 lbs. of resistance and a weight stack guard. Large adjustable foot plates make it easy to operate, and our movement arm can rotate 360 degrees. The arm can be positioned into 1 of 24 spots, giving your athletes any option imaginable. Finally, the three rotating handles for multiple hand positions and a large working platform make this the best multi-hip machine you can buy.

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  • Length: 34"
  • Width: 65"
  • Height: 77"
  • Weight: 950 lbs.


  • 300 lb weight stack providing 150 lbs of resistance.
  • Weight stack guard comes standard.
  • Large adjustable footplate can be lowered or raised depending upon the exercise being performed. Adjustable footplate movement is assisted by a gas shock.
  • Movement arm rotates 360 degrees and can be positioned into 1 of 24 settings. A gas shock assists in up and down movement to accommodate users of different heights.
  • Multiple hand positions include 3 rotating handles.
  • Large working platform allows for different standing/squatting styles.
Made in the USA

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