Collegiate Series Dumbbell Bench

Part # 18499C

The Power Lift Collegiate Series Multi Angle Dumbbell Bench features 6 adjustable back pad angles and 3 adjustable seat pad angles. The bench can be easily moved using the front handle and can be stored in an upright position.


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  • Height                 17 ½" 
  • Depth                  50 11/32" 
  • Width                  28 11/32"  
  • Weight                91 lbs


  • 6 adjustable back pad angles  (0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 80)
  • 3 adjustable seat pad angles
  • Wheels and Handle for ease of movement 
  • Minimal gap between back and seat pad 
  • Locking rail reduces chances of back pad becoming disengaged 
  • Able to store in vertical position 
  • X-Trax rubber used on footplates 
  • High quality upholstery and pad, same as used on other Power Lift Benches 
  • Optional headcover is available 
  • User friendly adjustment handles 
  • Available in standard frame and upholstery colors 
Made in the USA

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