Rhino Hook Bar Catch (Pair)

The Power Lift "Rhino Hook" Bar Catches and Reverse Bar Catches are a unique, patented piece offered by Power Lift.  The "Rhino Hook" bar catch attachment comes standard with all Power Lift racks and utilizes a double pin design.  A small handle on the backside aids in adjusting, and a sight hole in the catch allows the user to see height adjustment numbers.

Standard Bar Catches for Half Rack (HFR), Combo Rack(CPWR), Inside of Power Rack (PWR), and inside of Multi Rack(MLR)

Reverse Bar Catches for outside of Power Rack(PWR), and outside of Multi Rack(MLR).

Compatible with Power Lift racks only with standard laser notched uprights.

Standard Rhino Hook Bar Catches- Click here to view spec sheet.

Reverse Rhino Hook Bar Catch- Click here to view spec sheet.

Please contact us with any questions regarding which items are needed.

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